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Our Consultants

Aman Amanpour

Petrochemicals, Energy, Clean Hydrogen, Commercial, Joint Ventures

Tim Bourgeois

Assurance, Subsurface, O&G, Geothermal, CCS, CCUS                               

Stephen Bryce

Technology commercialisation, R&D, Performance Improvement                             

Bert Christoffels

Production Excellence, Personal and process safety, Refining, LNG, Non Executive Director (NED)

Bruno Cointepas

Customer Experience, Learning Centres, Operations Management            

Marc den Hartog

Energy strategy, Energy Transition, Optimising Energy Supply Chains, Commercial Structuring

Leo Dijkema

Strategy processes, culture, Innovation Hackathons, HR, Engagement                     

Essam Elnahrawy

Quality,  Integrity,  Inspection, Audit, Risk Management                                     

Joerg Fabri

Energy (all areas), Chmistry, Strategy, Value Creation                           

Phil Farrell

Data Visualisation, Visual Storytelling, Presentation Design, Infographics, Explainers

Raymond Franssen

Exploration, CCS, Production, workflows, Upstream                                 

Brian Haggerty

Front-end energy project business decision making and assurance. Hydrogen and new energy projects.

Gerrianne Hazewinkel

Risk Management and Internal Control                                                                 

Rod Himsley

Leadership, Mentoring, Solutions(s) Management                                                   

Nathan Holt

Transformation, Excellence, Strategy, Performance, Learning                              

Jean-Paul Koninx

Decision Quality under Uncertainty, Consulting, Training                                   

Arjen Koppert

Safety, Operations, Asset Management                                                   

Stavros Kokkinis

Shipping, Maritime, Trading, Start ups                   

Santosh Kumar

Project Management, Controls, Assurance, Risk and Opportunities             

Stephen Miller

Petrophysics, Recruiting, Skill Pool Management, Data Management                  

Peter Nilsson

Production, Injection, Storage, Energy Transition, Development, Learning

Richard Oblath

Hydrogen, Energy Transition                                                                                                        

Tomi Oni

HR, Change Management, Process Improvement                                                    

Belinda Perrriman

Carbon Capture & Storage, Blue and Sky-blue Hydrogen, Mobility                          

Rob Proeme

Value Assurance Review, Quality Assurance                                                       

David Purvis

Strategic planning; technical assurance; HSE & Operations performance;     

Rémi Sinaï

Automotive, Sports Marketing & Motorsports                                                  

Rolf Spieker

Well Engineering Support, Field Development, Incident Investigation, Asset Due Diligence

Alexander Weber

Upstream Oil&Gas, Renewable Energies, Business Strategy                  

Jennifer Layne Welch

Brand, Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Sales, Growth                                       

Juanita Albuja

Governance, Leadership, Board, Change Management, Digital Transformation

John de Koning

Production & manufacturing optimization, Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, AI

Trevor Gauntlett

Lubricants, Greases, Sustainable Chemistry, Communication, Mobility   

Paulus Steenkamp

Production Excellence; Manufacturing; Maintenance; Asset Integrity                                      

Ravi Ramoutar

Commercial Negotiations, LNG Pricing, Project Mgt., Executive and Non Executive Roles

Debbie Hesse

Digital Transformation, Programme Management, Customer  Success, 

Roger Milley

Enabling data-driven decisions for energy projects and operations

Willem Bloem

Oil & Gas, LNG, Country Manager, Renewables incl biogas

Paul Beijer

Government Relations,  Public Affairs,  Funct. Excellence, author

Tai Wei Wong

Engineering, MOC & SCE Management, Hydrocarbon

Elizabeth Overbeeke

Organisation & Team Effectiveness, Talent Development, Coaching

Ian Crawford

Operational and Technical Safety Consultant Expertise

Philip Tudhope

Front End/Concept Engineering for Oil & Gas Developments

Tayfun Ozatalay

Driving Sustainable Business Transformation

Charlie Malone

Technical & Management, Projects Delivery Assurance

Keith Lewis

Systems thinking and systems engineering

Simon Coley

Proc. Eng, Commissioning, OR&B, Fugitive Emissions, Operations

Mark de Jager

Energy transition, Renewable Energy, Opportunity delivery, full cycle support

Igor Kulchitskiy

Downstream and Power Generation. Process and Rotating Equipment Reliability

Julienne Baron

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Training Services

Martin Geven

Onshore/Offshore Operations management and Operations engineering support

Olav Skar

Leadership and Safety

Ali Abubacker

Senior Well Engineering Consultant

Serge Ribot

Strategy, M&A, Supply Chain, Supplier Diversity, Procurement, Sustainability 

Arvind Garg

Project Framing, Leadership, Economics, Evaluations, Training

Terry D Jayasuriya

Process Safety, PACO, Projects, Research, SIA Audits, Learning & Development 

Dwayne Koch

Business Transformation, Change Management, Leadership & Team Development

Alun Kimber

Development Manager, Technical perspective in a Commercial space, Opportunity Framing, Facilitation and Team Alignment

Francis Anatogu

Strategy, operations excellence and product development

Himanshu Joshi

Fouling, Energy Efficiency, Heat Transfer, Heat Exchangers