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I - Project Intervention & Delivery Assurance

Is your project not delivering as quick or with the benefits you had planned for? Staff exasperated on the change journey every project needs? Attrition in the project teams? Planning deadlines keep on shifting, starting to affect regular business, reputation and possibly, financial results? Board of Directors getting impatient?  

Consultants of the Pecten Network have lived through this, and we have learned and perfected how to quickly assess the situation including any underlying problems and how to fix these. Also we can help to put controls in place to prevent complex projects to get off track. We propose a brief (weeks) Value Assurance Review (VAR) in collaboration with your staff, looking at all aspects of the project, to produce a Project Intervention proposal for you to consider. Our approach has already led to success with several multinational clients in the chemicals and electronics industry in the past 

Watch this space – we will be posting a case study and launching our brochure soon 

If you are now starting a project initiative, we can assist to integrate fit-for-purpose delivery assurance controls as part of your project plan 

You may wish to contact us for a discussion on your situation and we’ll share with you how we’d apply our industry-proven approach in Project Delivery Assurance to your company or organization. 


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II - Data Analytics

In today’s intricate business landscape, data and analytics play a crucial role in every process and decision-making. Unfortunately, mismanagement of these assets leads to technical complexities, organizational silos, and poor-quality data, creating a web of challenges for industries ranging from investments to regulatory compliance.


At Pecten, we recognize the need for a simplified and effective approach to navigate and collaborate on complex industry facets like projects, climate, health, and regulatory compliance. Our solution is to make being data-driven easy for both projects and operations. We streamline complexity by focusing on key business needs, leveraging simplified frameworks, and starting small with proof-of-concepts. Our agile approach ensures that these proofs-of-concept evolve into robust solutions, utilizing powerful IT platforms for collaboration, data engineering, analysis, and visualization.


Our unique approach revolves around three pillars: Business need, Data, and Insight. By combining these elements, we empower organizations to extract meaningful insights, foster informed decision-making, and ultimately enhance their overall efficiency. Let Pecten guide you through the complexities, ensuring that your data becomes a strategic asset rather than a stumbling block.


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